Dead Man's Hand Elixir

Dead Mans Hand Elixir E Liquid

Dead Mans Hand Elixir E Liquid Like diving to the bottom of an old pirate ship that's been submerged in the depths of the ocean for hundreds upon hundreds of years, this line of vape juice has that same amazing feeling when you finally discover the treasures inside. Dead Mans Hand Elixir E Liquid makes vape juice blends that have the class and sophistication of a well aged scotch, without the price tag or and pretentiousness. It's going to be astounding to hear that every single bottle of juice that they make has been aged in a bourbon soaked whiskey barrel in small batches. If that doesn't scream quality, what does? They currently have four different dessert style blends to choose from with each one being just as yummy as the last. You might have trouble picking which one to try but these exceptional quality treats are all just so scrumptious that honestly, you should just get them all. Sweet tooths out there, you will be stopped in your tracks, these blends make new, different combinations but the extra flavor that's thrown into the mix from the barrel aging steps their juices up just that much more. Like going to a gourmet restaurant and digging into their sampler dessert platter, Dead Mans Hand Elixir E Liquid does it right. They pull no stops when making their juices so that you can have the best vaping experience possible. These juices are the kind of things that are worth calling home about, they have a real star quality that is nothing short of impactful. The only downside (if you even want to call it that) is that after trying this lines blends, you will not be able to go back to your old, subpar vape juices ever again.


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