KANGER Kbox 200W Kit

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1. Temperature control function supporting the Nickel, Titanium, Stainless steel and Nichrome wire.

2. Support 0.05 ohm coil.

3. Temperature regulation of 1000 times per second makes the taste much softer.

4. 360kHz high speed synchronous DC-DC control mode, ultra low output ripple, maximum efficiency is more than 97%

5. Smart identification and balancing battery charging, matching any model of adapter from 300mA to 2A, the maximum battery charging current is up to 1.8A.

6. PCB with unique serial number of global anti-counterfeiting, guarantee quality.

7. Ultra low quiescent current, under the state of quiescence much reduce standby power dissipate.

8. Safety protection include: High temperature, reverse, short circuit, low voltage, battery charging and discharge protection of single cell.

9. Adopting large number of TI Infineon and other high stability performance chips from the United States.

10. With USB upgrade function.





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